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Vet-Trips LLC is a company formed to help assist in getting veterans to and from their appointments and other places that they may need to reach. The general public can use the service as well, however our priority is based on serving our veterans in need of transportation.

Want to
become a Client

Clients are those who would like to only refer drivers.

They will earn 5% of the drivers fare for every trip that their referred drivers take. So in essence, if they refer 20 drivers as an example, they would essentially earn 100% income between all of their drivers.

Want to
become a Affiliate

Affiliates are those who would like to earn income by helping the company by getting the word out about the company and the program. An affiliate will pay a $39 monthly fee for joining the program and referring other affiliates.

When they join, they are placed in a 2 up system. This means that when they refer the 1st person, that person gets passed up to their sponsor. The second referral they will keep.

The 3rd referral goes to their sponsor, and from then on every referral belongs to them. They will also get 5% of the fare for every driver they personally refer.

Should they refer drivers that may also want to be an affiliate, they will not only receive the 5% per trip that the driver takes, but they will also receive the $10 per month affiliate payout.

Want to
become a Driver

Drivers will earn 80% of the total fare per trip that they take. This is the highest payout in the rideshare industry.

For each affiliate that is referred, the sponsor will receive $10 per month recurring income. They will also be placed in their own travel portal where they can receive highly discounted travel for themselves, their friends and family.

There is also additional income earned by automatically being placed in the travel portal. This can range between $2 to $2000 on the Gold level, and between $2000 to $10,000 on the platinum level. These are monthly recurring incomes.

Join us on this very important journey of helping to take care of our veterans, and in doing so enjoying the prosperity that awaits you and your families.

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Max Andrew


I tried Vet Trips for the first time and the Service was really good

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Corporate Manager

Vet Trips has become as part of my daily life now 5 Star to their service

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Charles Smith

Production Manager

If you have Vet Trips App in your mobile you don't have to worry about your Trips

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Millie Bolton